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Theme:This clubis dedicated to instruction, research, and the extension of knowledge to the students.


To make students as inventor, founders and technology equippers by providing guidance, assistance on latest technologies.


  • To offer guidance and assistance to inventors.
  • To provide a meeting place for inventors and entrepreneurs to come together to exchange information.
  • To provide a hands-on learning opportunity to gain experience in dealing with new innovations.
  • To support start-up activity.


  • To understand new innovations
  • To introduce new innovations to the co-students
  • To develop innovative things
  • To demonstrate the new technologies

To conduct innovative events within the college and outside the college.


  1. Presentations on emerging technologies of all engineering fields.
  2. Demonstration of latest software and tools.
  3. Technical Discussions.
  4. Technical Quizzes.
  5. Conduct awareness program on new technologies in the college.
  6. Conduct awareness programs in nearby institutions about latest technical challenges and advancements.

      Club Committee Details:

  1. President:T.Navya(17481A1280)III B.Tech IT
  2. Vice President:T.Jahnavi Praneetha(17481A1282)III B.Tech IT
  3. Secretary:K.Supraja(17481A0598)III B.Tech CSE
  4. Communication Chair:D.Naga Mallika (17481A12B2)III B.Tech IT
  5. Membership Chair:R.Tanuja (17481A1273)III B.TECH IT
  6. Program Chair:K.S.R.P.Lakshmi (17481A1243)III B.Tech IT
  7. Treasurer: A.Saikrishna (17481A1207)III B.Tech IT

Club Committee Details:

  •      For memberships contact R.Tanuja (17481A1273) III B.TECH IT